About Us

We are something entirely new... Keystone Solutions is a collaborative network of experienced consultants. What does that mean to you..?

Whether your firm is brand new or has been around for generations, whether you sell widgets or offer unique services, you have certain things in common with all companies. Your business has individuals with exceptional skills that allow you to offer products or services others value.

Unfortunately, as your business moves through its lifecycle, your needs change and so do the skills necessary to meet these new challenges.


These are particularly challenging since you face the unknown and may struggle to understand what skills you are missing or the most cost effective way to address those needs.

Small Firms

There comes a point where the owners/founders can no longer do everything. Once you begin to add staffing beyond the first few, running a business becomes much more complicated.

Midsized Firms

Once volume forces a company to begin forming specialized departments, a whole other level of business management concerns arise.

Large Firms

Here the triggers can be many and varied, going public, mergers/acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, new product lines, regional offices, etc. Any of these and far more may become business stressors.

By leveraging our network of professionals, Keystone Solutions helps fill these skill gaps. We balance your firm’s talents with our consultant's expertise. This allows us to construct a team that exactly fits your needs (see Keystone Team). And because we are a virtual company, we provide the same level of consulting support as the large 'brick and mortar" firms at a fraction of the cost. (Pricing)

Helping you with the business of being in business (Contact Us).

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